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About Atelier TareMiMi

Atelier TareMiMi, the original concept of "Everyday with Kawaii items!", is the creators group to handmade cute works.
We make the works in order, and sell at our online shop, event exhibitions and subcontractors stores.
Fluffy stuffed rabbit is our masterpiece. Clay modeling, knitted works, resin works, paper craft, etc., We have produced a number of works.

Just happy get to catch sight of you.
If you feel pleasure, we feel more happiness.♪ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ


◆ Leo
 Responsible:Stuffed paper production, clay modeling, regin works and paper craft.
◆ Kiyoka
 Responsible:Knitting, sewing and beads works.
  ◆ Nayu
 Pretty boy who attracts customers to come inside a shop!
◆ Mimosa
◆ Milk 

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